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Mathematics Learning Center

The MLC is open for spring quarter! Online appointments should be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Once the appointments are scheduled, tutors will follow up with an email containing the Zoom meeting link.

  • Connor Fitzgerald MLC tutor

    Individual Appointments

    Work one-on-one with a tutor. Students can set up individual appointments as needed or reserve a weekly appointment time for the entire quarter.

Before the Individual Appointment Session

  • Be persistent and keep up with course material.
  • Ask questions along the way.
  • Try the homework ahead of time.
  • Have your problem set ready to share with the tutor.
  • Be ready to show your solution attempts so far and to explain about your reasoning.


  • Your tutor will send you a Zoom Meeting Link

Technical Problems?

  • Contact your Tutor through SCU Email

At the Start the Session

  • Communicate your goal for the session. This might be something like “to learn to use trig identities, to apply implicit differentiation, or to select an appropriate integration strategy.” This should not be something like “complete homework 5.”

During the Session

  • Ask the tutor questions.
  • Try your best to answer the tutor questions.

Concluding the Session

  • Reflect on what you learned
  • Fill out an Exit Survey

Following Up the Session

  • Make another Appointment
  • Tell your friends!
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    Power Ups

    Need to brush up on a specific area, like factoring, fractions, or trig functions?  Power Ups are single sessions that focus on refining skills in a fundamental topic.


Linda Burks, MLC Director